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"Jap Envoy Betty bombers taxiing at Ie Shima"
"Crowd of US Soldiers around the two Jap Betty Bombers - a US B-24 taxies by"
"Japanese 'Betty' Bomber painted white with green crosses as per Gen MacArthur's instructions"
"1 or two Japanese Betty Bombers - white with green crosses - which delivered Jap envoy to Ie Shima to be transferred to US C-54 for long flight to Manila"
"Jap Betty Bomber taxiing at Ie Shima Aug 19 1945 bringing delegates from Tokyo"
"P-51 taxiing through water puddle - Source: friend of Ed's Groton Con." Printed on negative: "150G 548RTS '51 F-51 Taxis Through Puddle"
"B-24 #9982 Taxiing - Shark face nose art - Mindoro probably" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Taxiing Bomber. The nose of the Liberator in the 320th Squadron [was] painted with a shark's mouth. This was known as the 'Moby Dick' squadron." ("Darkroom…
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