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"In our tent mansion at Binmaley. Fred Hill sits on his cot reading news paper from home - spread out on floor - because it had gotten wet"
"1968 - Reading Institute" Fourteen images of adults meeting about curriculum, socializing, and eating refreshments during the 1968 Reading Institute. xx023 .002 - Neva Neill (right). xx029 .014 - Neva Neill (right).
"1968 - Reading Institute" Four images of a small group of adults sitting at tables while sorting through slides and viewing them through a slide projector. xx023 .004 - Neva Neill (standing). xx026 .008 - Neva Neill (standing).
"1968 - Reading Institute" Three images of faculty and personnel enjoying a break in the Coffee Shop. xx023 .006 - Neva Neill (left). [Background: Vending machine.]
"1968 - Reading Institute" Eight images taken during the 1968 Reading Institute of various instructional classes.
"1968 - Reading Institute" Several women enjoy the nice weather outdoors while sitting on the front steps of a campus building. Marcia Hire is on the left in the dark colored dress.
"1968 - Reading Institute" Five images taken in the Ackerman Elementary School during the 1968 Reading Institute. Adults meet with the children, hold adult classes in the elementary school classrooms, and meet in the children's library. xx029 .011 -…
"College Students - EON - EOCE - 1938-40"
"17th Recon Sqdn in States - 17th Photo lab - Man from base Photo Lab - Laurel, Miss."
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