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"May 1990" A young woman receives a plaque from two older gentleman. The one on the left is handing her the plaque, and the one on the right is standing at a podium with an attached microphone.
"June 1990" A woman, who appears to be Marcia Shoup (left), hands an award plaque to another woman. [Probably related to the Nursing Program.]
"April 12, 1980 - Dick Hermens, Erros Osterloh" Dick Hermens presents Erros Osterloh with the, "Ralph E. Badgley Meritorious Teacher Award."
"[Ronald R.] Bayes, caption on story" Ronald R. Bayes is presented with an "Outstanding Faculty Award" plaque by an unidentified man and woman.

"June 1980 - Awards Banquet - Jim Lundy, Sandi Boren"
"6/1986 - Awards Assembly, Dick Hiatt"

From left to right: Jim Hottois (1st), Dick Hiatt (2nd), Bill Wells (3rd), Jack Schut (5th).
"1982 - Vic Atiyeh [Oregon governor 1979-1987]" Governor Vic Atiyeh presents a recognition certificate to EOSC employee, Dee Curtis. It reads, "The Governor's Management Recognition Certificate."
"June 1980 - Awards Banquet" Standing behind a podium, Dave Gilbert hands an award to Professor Leen Inghels. Next to Gilbert, President Rodney Briggs is applauding and smiling.
"June 1980 - Awards Banquet" Jim Lundy presents an award plaque to an unidentified woman.
"10/6/1982 - Awards Ceremony" Joel Gartenberg (right) presents "Waltz" with a service award pin.
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