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"April 11, 1991 - Employee recognition gathering" - forty-nine images 91110 .001 - Jim Hottois (Foreground, right edge, in profile). .003 - Dave Gilbert (standing). .004-.006 - Jim Hottois (standing). .012-.014 - Jerry Ingerson (left). .015-.016 -…
"1990" Six images of the people who received recognition at the Foundation Dinner which followed a tour of the nearly completed Loso Hall. .014-.015 - Facing from left to right: Sally Wiens (2nd), Wilbur Osterloh (3rd), Erros Osterloh (4th), Jack…
"1982 - Vic Atiyeh [Oregon governor 1979-1987]" Governor Vic Atiyeh presents a recognition certificate to EOSC employee, Dee Curtis. It reads, "The Governor's Management Recognition Certificate."
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