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"5/1991 - Faculty Awards Banquet" .016 - Foreground: Peggy Anderson (left, in profile), John Millay (right, in profile). Background: Jim Hottois (left side of image, back to camera). .017 - Foreground from left to right: Peggy Anderson (1st), Janet…

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"5/1991 - Faculty Awards Banquet" Two images of students preparing the plates to be served during the banquet.

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"5/1991 - Faculty Awards Banquet" - nine images .001 - Werner Bruecher (left), Ian Gatley (right). .002 - Middle of image, closest to furthest: Ian Gatley (2nd, in profile), Jens Robinson (3rd, in profile). Lyle Schwarz (background, left side of…

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"June 2, 1977 - Awards Banquet - Elise Rohrer (left), Seth Catlin (right)"

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"6/3/1976 - Awards Banquet"
Coach Erling Odegaard (standing) is honored during the faculty awards banquet. Those in attendance who have been identified in this image are Barbara Odegaard (lower left corner, partial of her face in profile, wearing…

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"[Ronald R.] Bayes, caption on story" Ronald R. Bayes is presented with an "Outstanding Faculty Award" plaque by an unidentified man and woman.

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"March 1979 - John Cobb [left, in profile], Florence Miller [right, in profile]"
Music professor, John Cobb pins a corsage on retired music instructor, Florence Miller.

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