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"4/1991 - Laidi Chen's Birthday, Continuing Education"
"4/1991 - Laidi Chen's Birthday, Continuing Education"
"9/16/1992 - Continuing Education" Those who have been identified are: From left to right: Debbie Lee (1st), Susan Daniel (2nd).
"12/1987 - Christmas - Thomas Easley [2nd in from right], Computer Center" Jerry McCarthy (right end, in profile).
"9/1987 - Faculty, Ed Morgan" An image of Ackerman Elementary School principal, Ed Morgan attending an outdoor party at the President Dave Gilbert's house.
"9/1984" Students reception at the President's house. From left to right: Bill Wells, Carolyn Gilbert.
"9/1985 - Faculty Party, Burt Covert (left)" Held at President Dave Gilbert's house.
"9/1985 - Richard Goad" He is attending a faculty social function on the open patio of Hoke Hall.
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