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"1947-48 School Activities" Hisako Kido stands behind a line of people who are all seated at a long table where they have finished dining. Professor Charles Quaintance is the last man seated at the left end of the table.
"1952-53 Faculty Xmas Party" Faculty members mingle during a Christmas Party, and a decorated Christmas tree is in the background.
"1952-53 - Faculty Xmas Party" Wearing a dark colored dress and eyeglasses, a woman who appears to be Amanda Zabel, is standing with an open book in her hand.
"Mrs. Bennett" Wearing a dark colored skirt, and a light colored sweater with a lighter colored blouse underneath, Mrs. Bennett is seated in a metal folding chair. She is holding a wrapped present on her lap, and she is clearly enjoying herself.
"1957 Commencement week activities" A dining party is held in the Hoke Building. Attendees are dressed in their Sunday-best, including hats for many of the young ladies. The gentleman sitting in front of the piano at the right is Lynn Bishop.
"1957 Commencement week activities" EOC President, Frank Bennett addresses a large group of students and guests at a dining party in the Hoke building. Many of the attendees are dressed in their Sunday-best, including hats for the young ladies.
"5/21/1966 - John Miller, Retirement Banquet" John Miller and his wife are greeted by faculty and friends during his retirement banquet.
"1974 - Honors-Intact Party" - twelve images .003 - Ian Gatley (profile). .006 - Mike Daugherty (profile, looking at keg), Mt. Emily (background). .008 - Mike Daugherty (right edge). .011 - Ian Gatley (waving).
"6/1976 - Dorothy Winters retirement reception" Eight images from Dorothy Winters retirement reception. .004 - Dorothy Winters (seated woman). .005 - Rodney Briggs (standing in front of window), Howard Anderson (standing next to Briggs, somewhat…
"12/8/1976 - Retiring Lynn Bishop" Three images of Lila and Lynn Bishop, two of them with John Cobb (left), at Lynn's retirement celebration. There is a large cake on the table, a mural of a flute on the wall behind them, and they are opening gifts.
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