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"Mata and Moto, two native men who worked for mosquito abatement. Sitting in Photo section Jeep with Fred Hill, standing"
"Fred Hill and New Guinea men Moto and Mata who worked for mosquito abatement project, spraying kerosene/oil on any standing water puddles"
"Humbolt Bay Local Homes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Native Homes, Humboldt Bay. Hill and two other Photo Section men persuaded an officer on the Russell Sage that they needed to document 'squadron history.' Accepting this ruse, the captain allowed…
"Fishing - Lingayen Gulf - Luzon"
"Copy negative of native dancers at a "Sing Sing" to honor Dutch Queen Wilamina's Birthday - discrete, bare chested girls"
"Two New Guinea men who worked for mosquito control 'Moto' and 'Mata"
"Assembly of Native leaders all in feather head dresses kneeling - for a group portrait Papua New Guinea Chief participants in big 'Sing Sing' in the area of Dobodura - New Guinea in their tribal finery feather head dresses" From "Darkroom Soldier":…
"An Albino New Guinea native at a celebration in the area of Dobodura - 17th Recon Sqdn"
"A group of Native dancers, some with hand held, lizzard skin Drums, at a big celebration near Dobodura. 17th Recon Sqdn. Dense but printable"
"New Guinea man in the area of Dobodura - Near Buna and Gona on North East coast of the Island of New Guinea taken with Photo Section's 4x5 Speed Graphic camera"
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