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"6/16/1986 - Graduation"

"6/16/1986 - Graduation"

"6/16/1986 - Graduation"
"10/1984 - Homecoming and October Folk Festival Parade" The Pacific Islanders' "Island-Style" float.
"2/1986 - Project Relations, Foreign Students" Sitting and listening with the audience of International students, are professors, Bill Wells (right edge, closest, in profile) and David Rothgerry (next to Wells).
"1991, Fall - Micronesian Program: Director Gary Hobson (middle), Murphy Tenny (left), Switer Eter (right)"
"October 1988" An Hawaiian Style Food booth is run during the Homecoming Fair by some of the Micronesian Program students
"1988 - Foreign Students, Cay Fallow [2nd in from the left]" A group of students in the Micronesian Program, who are providing the entertainment for the night's alumni function, pose with Cay Fallow.
"1988 - Foreign Students" President Dave Gilbert (left), rolls up his pant legs to dance with one of the Micronesian perfomers. The Micronesian Program students are providing the entertainment for an alumni function in Hoke Hall.
"3/6/1981 - Pete Kuor, Micronesian" Richard [Rick] Mack (left) sits and talks with student, Pete Kuor (right) at a students' and faculty discussion forum.
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