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"Children in school" Three images of children reading, searching through encyclopedias, and writing in their classrooms. .010 - Lorena Casebier sits at a desk reading with a student.
"Ackerman students - Mrs. Falkes class" Seven images of children working on various educational projects throughout their classroom.
"Ackerman students - Mrs. Falkes class" Four images of children working on various art projects in a classroom.
Two images of Ackerman Elementary School students and their teachers working on projects with various construction and art materials. [Written on back of photograph matching 2012.2.xx082.004: "#5 Learning Centers Early Childhood"]
"June 1988" Four images of campus land development. .015 - George McClure, Dorion Hall (background). [Construction of new tennis courts.]
"June 1988" Seven images of work being done on campus land in order to add an additional parking lot on the 6th Street side of Badgley Hall.
"5/1986" An image of two young women working on a floor tile together.
"5/1986" Two images of two young women sitting on a small divan with a coffee table pulled up in front of them so that they can work on a project together.
"3/1986" Fourteen images of students working in an art class on various projects, some with assistance from art professor, Tom Dimond. .010-.014 - Tom Dimond (left, in profile). .018-.019 - Tom Dimond.
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