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"1995-96 Ackerman" Sitting in a circle out on the sidewalk near Ackerman School, a group of children play the game Duck Duck Goose. Students who are eliminated watch from the sideline while standing on a bicycle rack. Part of Pierce Library is…
"4/1991" Sixty-one images of students walking on sidewalks in the central region of campus. 91105 .004-.016 - Loso Hall (background). .017-.018 - Background: Hoke Hall (left, partial), Dorion Hall (middle), Loso Hall (right). .019-.023 - Loso Hall…
"8/7/1991" Seven images of students outdoors on campus. .001 - Loso Hall (background). .005 - White sculpture (background). .007-.008 - White sculpture (background). .013 - Loso Hall (background).
"1990" Six images of a class being conducted outdoors. A professor lectures to students who are sitting on the front staircase of the newly constructed Loso Hall.
"1990" Seven images of two young women studying outdoors at one of the campus picnic tables. The newly constructed Loso Hall provides the background.
"9/3/1990 - Football" - four images 90109 [Hoke Hall outdoor patio] .005 - From left to right: Cedric Samples, #7
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Background from left to right: Covered tennis courts, Loso Hall, Quinn Coliseum (partial). Further back: Mt. Emily.
"9/1990" Two images of groundskeepers laying sod and landscaping the exterior areas around the new Loso Hall. .001 - Background: Loso Hall (left, partial), Pierce Library (right, partial). .002 - Pierce Library (background).
"9/3/1990 - Football" Two images of head coach, Orson Christensen. .018 - Background: Loso Hall (left), Mt. Emily (right).
"September 1990" Three images of the central area of campus. .030 - Background: Hoke Hall (left, partial), Loso Hall (right, mostly obscured by trees). .032 - Loso Hall (background, completely obscured by trees).
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