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"3/10/1991 - Winter Sports Banquet" An image of six young women posing together at the winter sports banquet. They are holding award certificates and school letters.

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"12/1986" Four images of the women's volleyball team posing with the school letters they have earned.

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"11/1986" Twenty images taken during the season's ending football awards. 86366 .001 - Wes McAllaster (standing left, in profile). .002 - Dan Hull (standing left, in profile). .003 - Jerry Howell (standing left, in profile), Richard Solaita (standing…

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"1954-55 Hoke Coffee Shop" In the original Hoke Building, a small coffee shop catered to students who were looking for fountain drinks, candies, sandwiches, and of course, coffee. A man in a white T-shirt and apron works behind the counter while a…

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"1949-50" An unidentified young man stands in the doorway of the main entrance to Inlow Hall. He is wearing a letterman's sweater.

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Homecoming Queen Candidates from left to right around the circle clockwise: "Donna Sene (Letterman), Hermiston

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"1935 Letterwomen - First row: M. Clemens, Grace Scully, Cameron, Daniels, W. Scott. Second row: R. Christiansen, F. Doherty, A. M. Whiting, Z. Weatherspoon, Miss Larson, Dyal, A. Wise"

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"Student Council: First row - Verdell Ragsdale, Naideen Huffman, Jack Hodgen, John Densley. Second row - Robert Dexter, Lynn Anderson, Miss Mildred Pierce, Mr. John Miller, J.B. Conoway"

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"EOC Lettermen - Front: Coach Bob Quinn, Tom Peterson, Duane Tyler, Paul Duus, Dave Smith, Bill Quant, Dave Conklin, Don Fisher, Coach Archie Dunsmoor. Middle: Coach Gary Feasel, Bob Showers, Mike Starr, Jim Kemp, John Partlow, Gary Moore, Tom…

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Wearing suits, numerous men sit around a table and listen to a man who is standing up and speaking at a microphone. This appears to be a football recruitment dinner with officials from EOCE and La Grande High School. "Coach Mabel's Who Have I Got In?…

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