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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.

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"February 24, 25, 26, 1972" playbill for "John Brown's Body"

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"1988 - Campus scenes" Three images of employee, George McClure.

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"9/18/2014" Fourteen images taken at a meeting that appears to be part of a project headed up by Harvey Bennett and Ted Williams. Their project involves meeting with people in the various counties of Eastern Oregon, this one in Grant County. There…

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"Hoke [Hall] Ground Floor Entrance Construction" - six images

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"1956 Football" This is an outdoor, informal portrait of an unidentified Eastern Oregon football player, #54 - Vic Retherford from John Day, Oregon. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the center position. [Photo appears in the 1957 Mountaineer…

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"1966 - Dale McKrola, a 236 lb. tackle from John Day, Oregon, was the biggest man on the E.O.C. team this year." This is an informal portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, #76 - Dale McKrola. He is wearing his uniform jersey. [Photo appears in…

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"The Troop Transport the USS Gen. John Pope which carried the 17th ground personnel and Many others from New Port News Virginia to Milne Bay New Guinea" From "Darkroom Soldier": "The USS General John Pope (AP-110). The ship, named after Civil War…

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"1926 - Depot Street west from Jefferson Ave."

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