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"May 19, 1979 - College Rodeo"
A cowboy wrestles a steer to the ground. In the background sponsorship billboards for "Tri-Mountain Realty," "La Grande Livestock Commission Company," "Bridles-n-Britches," and "Burgess" hang on the fence.

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"1984 - Rodeo Club" A cowgirl rides her horse hard as she swings a lasso overhead. She is aiming to rope a black calf running in front of her.

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"The home of 'Osping' a 'house boy' who kept our tent in order at Dulag, Leyte, P.I." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Juan Quilla's Home. Surrounded by banana and palm trees, this is Juan Quilla's family home within easy walking distance of the Dulag camp.…

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"Local People's homes - over water"

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"Native homes on stilts over water"

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"Native homes on stilts over the water. Outrigger canoe with at least 10 people going by" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Homes at Parai. 'Off limits' for soldiers, Hill and Casey hitchhiked down the coast to Parai on August 23. In his letter, Hill…

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"Filipino homes that line the river bank at Binmaley. Dike of fish pond with fence in foreground"

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"Broad view of Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley. Highway bridge in distance with ox drawn cart"

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"Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley"

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"A Filipino home amidst banana and palm trees near Dulag"

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