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"5/18/1981" Nine images of a the calf dressing event at the rodeo. Young women run across the arena to get their calf, and then work in teams to dress the somewhat unwilling animal in human clothing.

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"May 19, 1979 - College Rodeo"
A cowboy wrestles a steer to the ground. In the background sponsorship billboards for "Tri-Mountain Realty," "La Grande Livestock Commission Company," "Bridles-n-Britches," and "Burgess" hang on the fence.

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"Purdey's Dutch Shop Bakery (site of Dairy Queen) - 5th & Depot - La Grande"

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"In the level district between Enterprise and Joseph, along the Wallowa River, was Riverview Dairy, owned by Hugh Wilson, the son of early settler W.C. Wilson. The dairy boasted of thoroughbred Jersey cows which were exhibited at the county fair,…

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