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"1984 - Rodeo Club" An image of members of the EOSC Rodeo Club sitting together along the top rail of the arena fencing at the Union County Fairgrounds.
"2/1991 - Rodeo practice, indoor" - ten images .001 - Shawna Elsberry (standing). .002 - Shawna Elsberry. .003 - Jim Lundy (left, holding goat), Shawna Elsberry (right, in profile). .005-.006 - Shawna Elsberry.
"2/1991 - Rodeo practice, indoor" - two images
"3/1987 - Rodeo" An image of the Rodeo Club Advisor, Jim Lundy.
"3/1987 - Rodeo" Twenty-three images of individual Rodeo Club members.
"4/1986 - Rodeo Club" - two images .017 - Quinn Coliseum (background).
"4/1986 - Rodeo Club" Two images of the Rodeo Club taken on the main outdoor patio of Hoke Hall. Their faculty advisor, Jim Lundy is standing on the right end. .015 - Quinn Coliseum (background). .016 - Dorion Hall (background, right).
"9/1985" Eleven images taken during the Open House in Hoke Hall to promote the various campus clubs and organizations.
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