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"The home of 'Osping' a 'house boy' who kept our tent in order at Dulag, Leyte, P.I." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Juan Quilla's Home. Surrounded by banana and palm trees, this is Juan Quilla's family home within easy walking distance of the Dulag camp.…
"Filipino homes that line the river bank at Binmaley. Dike of fish pond with fence in foreground"
"Broad view of Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley. Highway bridge in distance with ox drawn cart"
"Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley"
"A Filipino home amidst banana and palm trees near Dulag"
"A typical Filipino home"
"A fine Filipino's thatch home - a good example"
"A typical, better class Filipino home - on the Island of Leyte"
"Homes along the road near Dulag, Leyte, Philippines"
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