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"The home of 'Osping' a 'house boy' who kept our tent in order at Dulag, Leyte, P.I." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Juan Quilla's Home. Surrounded by banana and palm trees, this is Juan Quilla's family home within easy walking distance of the Dulag camp.…

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"Filipino homes that line the river bank at Binmaley. Dike of fish pond with fence in foreground"

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"Broad view of Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley. Highway bridge in distance with ox drawn cart"

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"Filipino homes along the river at Binmaley"

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"A Filipino home amidst banana and palm trees near Dulag"

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"A typical Filipino home"

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"A fine Filipino's thatch home - a good example"

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"A typical, better class Filipino home - on the Island of Leyte"

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"Homes along the road near Dulag, Leyte, Philippines"

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