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"6/1987 - Summer Theater" A scene from a summer, children's production of the Charlie Brown musical, "Snoopy."
"6/1981" Three images of a constructed "time clock man" sitting at a desk in an office.
"3/1986" Seventeen images taken during a tour of the Boise Cascade lumber mill.
"8/1986" Twenty-five images that appear to have been taken during a call-out for forest fire fighters. A temporary camp was set up on campus with support services for the fire fighters. School buses then transported people and equipment to the…
"6/1987 - Summer Theater" An image of a scene from the summer, children's production of the Charlie Brown musical, "Snoopy."
"Construction" Ten images of EOC President Averno Rempel and Dean of Administration Richard Perry taking some visiting officials on a tour of the Hoke Hall construction site. .011 - Walking behind the old Hoke Building that will be torn down when the…
Four images of a rancher outside letting his dogs have a run, and then going to the barn to check on his cattle.
"1989 - Loso Hall" Men sit on steel girders while they direct the crane that is lowering steel ceiling beams during the construction of Loso Hall.
"May 17, 1978 - Ken Henry" Two images of plant services employee, Ken Henry sealing a seam on a work trailer.
"January 1979 - Ken Henry" Three images of Ken Henry wearing a hard hat and working with an unidentified gentleman on the dry wall and spackle in one of the elementary school rooms.
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