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"Wm. Fine Livery & Feed Stable - Elgin 1910+/-" From Bernal Hug's "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 102) "picture no. 72 - Looking northeast at Wm. Fine Livery Stable. Twenty-four hours a day teams came and went here." [Photograph used in "History of…
"2 Horse hack - Etha Huffman photo"

"La Grande - Union - Union County - child in the center in the cart is Sadie"

"Gag shot - Kate Gekeler - redhead on back of a hack - Ken Gekeler and Fred Huffman: driving"

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"The C.D. Huffman Farm on Cove, Ave., La Grande, OR - 1918 - Grandmother Ann Huffman and 'Bruno' in the 1 horse hack"
"Wm. (William) Chattin - Mail Carrier 1903-1908, Summerville area - Civil War Veteran - Fought w/ Gen Mead @ Gettysburg, July 1-2-3, 1863"
"Team & a Hack. In the carriage at Sanger Oregon - mine town. Mr. & Mrs. Townley in carriage, 3rd person in Hack is unknown. Seated outside: Mr. Oliver and Pedro"
"Troy, Oregon (Wallowa County). Ice jam above Troy as it appeared January 31, 1920. Jam occurred on Grande Ronde River December 25, 1919." A man in a buggy pulled by a 2-horse team travels through a deep channel that has been cut through the snow and…
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - circa 1905. A large crowd of people are outside of the U.S. Land Office because Ukiah has been opened for homesteading. The La Grande Investment Co. is to the left."
"Union, Oregon - circa 1900. Fred Nodine with two unidentified cattle buyers in a buggy (or hack) pulled by two horses."
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