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"Fine Arts Week - Guitar Concert" Five images of an unidentified woman playing the guitar on a stage.
"Eagle Cap Fine Arts Camp" A boy sits leaning aganst one of the logs in a large logpile. He is concentrating hard on the sketch pad in his lap. Amazingly, there is an 8-point buck laying on the ground right next to him.
"Front Street - Elgin - After Opera House was built. Before fire bell tower was built higher" "July 4th water fight held between 2 fire hydrants to see who would be No. 1: The Nowegians - Rasmussens vs. The Swedes - Simonsens Greased pole to climb on…
"Wm. Fine Livery & Feed Stable - Elgin 1910+/-" From Bernal Hug's "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 102) "picture no. 72 - Looking northeast at Wm. Fine Livery Stable. Twenty-four hours a day teams came and went here." [Photograph used in "History of…
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