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"4/1987 - Staff" Two images of Doris Ross working in the Registrar's office with students working behind her.

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"4/1987" Five images of unidentified student workers, one young man and four young women.

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"4/1987 - Staff" An image of a woman sitting in front of a typewriter at a desk in an office.

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"10/1986" Seven images taken during an employees' party in the Continuing Education office. .003 - From left to right: Johannes Spronk (in profile), Lee Insko, Alan Davis (in profile). .004 - From left to right: Dixie Lund (2nd), Johannes Spronkā€¦

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"2/1986" Two images of Food Services employees, Ray Steele (left) and Fred Allen (right).

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"December 1978 - Range and Wildlife Habitat Laboratory - Paul Edgerton"

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"12/1986 - John Gruszczynski" John and an unidentified woman are standing in a wood panelled office where an employees' party is going on, probably in conjunction with the holidays.

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