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"1941 - Wilma McIntyre, Charter Years, c. 1929-1939" This is a portrait of Wilma McIntyre wearing a dark colored, blouse with large buttons and a white lace-edged collar.
"June 4, 1941 - Commencement Processional"
"June 4, 1941 - Commencement Processional"
"1941 - Eastern Oregon College [of Education], La Grande"
"1942 - Mrs. Adelaide Orange" This is a portrait of Mrs. Adelaide Orange wearing a v-necked, medium-dark dress.
"1942 - Eleanor Taylor" This is a portrait of Eleanor Taylor wearing a dark sweater over a white, collared blouse with a cameo pin at the neck. She is also wearing eyeglasses.
"1942 - Juanita Nirschl" This is a portrait of Juanita Nirschl wearing a dark colored, long-sleeved, sweater over a white, round collar, blouse.
"1942 - Virginia F. Miller" Virginia Miller poses in a dark, collared, two-pocket jacket that is buttoned up over a white collared blouse.
"1. E.O.C.E. Evensong 1942" The Evensong program takes place on the Grand Staircase in front of Inlow Hall. [Later, with the campus spreading out from the other side of Inlow Hall, the hillside and Grand Staircase would be considered the back of theā€¦
"1942 - Sigma Alpha Chi, 10th Anniversary" A large group of women pose together in four rows on the front lawn of a house on the 10th Sigma Apha Chi Anniversary.
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