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"1942 - Sigma Alpha Chi, 10th Anniversary" A large group of women pose together in four rows on the front lawn of a house on the 10th Sigma Apha Chi Anniversary.
"Moss Family group at time of the Golden Wedding celebration - Back row: Willard, John, Willis, Henry, and James (Willard and Willis were twins born May 16, 1867) Front: William D. Moss (born: Dec. 15, 1828), Sarah Moss (born: Jan. 2, 1834),…
"Moss Family Golden Wedding Celebration - 1900 - Came to the Grande Ronde Valley in 1862 with Yount train - along with the Gekelers and McAlisters - Pictured house, now demolished, was on Hunter Lane, west side, first house north of Booth Lane -…
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