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Two images of some of the Dorion East Council members socializing with their dorm mother, Mrs. Chandler. .004 & .006 From left to right: Mrs. Chandler (2nd), [appears to be:] Lorraine Kadosaki (3rd), [appears to be:] Margie Shumway (4th).
"1949-50 - Fannie West, House Mother at Pierce [Hall] Dormitory" [Men's dormitory building that was later used for Facilities.] [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Residences" section.]
"Dorion counselors', Pat Blackburn, Sue Switzer, Loretta Herbison and Gail Fisher meet with Mrs. Chandler, Dorion housemother." [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 36.]
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