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"November 1980" A series of images of a young woman wearing headphones while listening to a recording in the ARC [Academic Resource Center?].
"Gospel Tabernacle - Rev. Carlson, 1st Pastor - church is now [2012, called] Faith Center - near I.C. [Island City] - The original church bldg. is now a home at same location - Corner of Fir and 'U' Ave." "Revival Meetings"
"1989" An image of employees working in the offices of the Student Development Center and Student Support Services. The woman who is standing appears to be Patty Howell.

"12/1987 - Christmas"

From left to right: Cleo Sorenson (in profile), Phyllis Arnst (in profile, slightly obscured), Peggy Anderson (in profile).

"12/1987 - Christmas"

Betty Peck (right, in profile), Terral Schut (middle background, in profile).

"12/1987 - Christmas"

From left to right: Judd Koehn (in profile), Alan Davis (in profile), Dennis Swanger.

"12/1987 - Christmas"

Dixie Lund (left), Greg Monahan (right).

"12/1987 - Christmas - Thomas Easley [2nd in from right], Computer Center" Jerry McCarthy (right end, in profile).
"July 1988 - Paul Stoakes Retirement Party" - four images .012-.013 - Tom Easley (right).
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