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"Solomon Camp, Sumpter, Oregon - circa 1901-1903. 'Solomon Camp's new discoverey: Free gold in carbonate of lime.'"

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"1. Pine Cone Auto Camp & Swimming Pool - 2 miles west of La Grande on the old Oregon Trail"
"Constructing Pipeline - Fremont Power Co. - near Ruby Camp - F. M. Wisler, foreman - Grant County - circa 1901-1903"
"25. Hilgard CCC (Civlian Conservation Corps) Camp - 1935"
"Camp Curry's Fire Fall in Yosemite Nat'l Park - date unknown" - appears to be a copy of a painting
"Eagle Cap Fine Arts Camp" A boy sits leaning aganst one of the logs in a large logpile. He is concentrating hard on the sketch pad in his lap. Amazingly, there is an 8-point buck laying on the ground right next to him.
"Music Camp" Three young women sit together on a bench outside of Inlow Hall. Two of them are playing clarinets, and they have a music stand in front of them with open music sheets on it. The girls appear to be younger than college age. In theā€¦
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