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"Mar. 1912. Crowds looking at Elk passing on way to Joseph. Elgin, in Union County, was the last stop before the train entered Wallowa County. The sign at the depot tells travellers it is 62.9 miles to Joseph. There was snow on the ground when the…
"Mar. 1912. People looking at Elk near Baker, OR." A number of men are standing on the side of, and on the ground near an open U.P. Union Pacific rail car. There are a couple of stacked bales of hay at the open door to be used as steps. Out of sight,…
"Test shots - From top of City Hall - April 2006"
"City of Elgin before Opera House was built - taken from top of the water tower at Railroad Depot"
"Hot Lake RR Station" "No 6 O.W.R. & N. Depot, Hot Lake, Ore."
"Steam Train - Salem / Falls City - Western RR"
"Crowd viewing U.P. (Union Pacific) Streamline Train - La Grande, Oregon - April 2, 1934"
Several men stand in a group discussing the damage from a train accident.
La Grande, Oregon with Mt. Harris in the background.
Workers unload wood crates from a box car that was heavily damaged in a train derailment.
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