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"Watching for the arrival of the 2 Jap Betty Bombers bring(ing) the preliminary Envoy to arrange the surrender"
"Excited US Soldiers awaiting the arrival of the 2 Japanese 'Betty Bombers,' bringing the Jap envoy members to be transferred to a US C-54 for the long flight to Manila" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Surrender Bombers. The afternoon of August 19, all…
"The Jap 'Betty' bombers delivering the preliminary Jap envoys. This shows the planes still high in the air. No escorting planes in this picture."
"First of Japanese Betty Bombers - white with big green crosses - as per Gen MacArthur's instructions - arriving at Ie Shima"
"Jap 'Betty' bomber on landing approach at Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "First Betty Landing. Recalling this day, Hill wrote, 'While we were on Ie Shima, General MacArthur ordered that a contingent of Japanese diplomats go to Manila to make the…
"Jap Betty Bomber taxiing at Ie Shima Aug 19 1945 bringing delegates from Tokyo"
"1 or two Japanese Betty Bombers - white with green crosses - which delivered Jap envoy to Ie Shima to be transferred to US C-54 for long flight to Manila"
"Japanese 'Betty' Bomber painted white with green crosses as per Gen MacArthur's instructions"
"Full front view of Jap Betty bomber on Ie Shima Aug 19 and 20 1945"
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