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"April 1, 1977 - Campus scenes"
The back side of Zabel Hall with the Blue Mountains providing the background.
"March 1977 - Campus scenes"
The covered entrance to the Science Hall, soon to be dedicated as Badgley Hall.
The campus stairs with decorative railings and benches that were located off of to the side of Inlow Hall.
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida"
"1967" Possibly the Pt. Lobos area.
An unidentified family, consisting of a mother, father, little girl, and baby, pose together on a garden bench. There is a roughly made gazebo behind them that appears to be covered in leafless ivy vines.
"Gold Circle No. 329 W.O.W. (Women of Woodcraft} - Sumpter, Ore. - July 4, 1903" The nine women representing this organization pose together in front of the First National Bank of Sumpter in two rows, with the front row sitting on a bench and theā€¦
"Multnomah Falls Trail - 1940"
"Campus - College buildings - 1938-40" Eastern Oregon College of Education's Inlow Hall.
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