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"Diving into 20 ft. deep water off the barge at Biak"
"Swimming off a sunken barge at edge of a coral shelf. Possible to wade to the barge and dive into 20 ft deep water on seaward side at Biak, Dutch New Guinea 17th tactical Recon Sqdn"
"Some of the best ocean swimming in the S. Pacific was off a barge at the edge of a coral shelf at Biak. Thigh deep out to the barge - 20' deep on other" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Swim Time. Before showers were set up, soldiers first bathed in fresh…
"Girls at river - bathing"
"Bathers, caught off guard - in river on Mindoro - Filipino girls"
Soldiers swim in an inlet near camp, perhaps also doing laundry and bathing.
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