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"March 15 - April 7, 1977 - Walla Walla 2nd Annual Art Show - Gary Bloom"
"Ontario, 1st Annual Band Day, Oct. 21" Ontario, Oregon's marching band performs in full uniform out on the EOCE football field for the 1st Annual Band Day. There are five baton twirlers out in front. Hunt Hall and a small part of Inlow Hall areā€¦
"November 1977 - Foundation Annual Meeting / Banquet - Rodney Briggs"
"March 15 - April 7, 1977 - Walla Walla 2nd Annual Art Show" Judy and Ian Gatley pose together next to one of his paintings that is being exhibited during the Art Show.
"November 1977 - Foundation annual meeting / banquet - Jeanette Baum"
"November 14, 1978 - Foundation Annual Banquet Social Hour"
Foreground: Jean McKenzie (left, in profile), Joy Dobbin (right).
"Fifth Annual Cherry Fair - 1915 - Cove, Oregon. A large crowd is gathered in front of a wooden platform. Automobiles and a building are visible in the background."
"Eden S.S. [Sunday School?] 1911-12"
"Summerville, Oregon from the north end across a creek, circa 1910. Summerville Electric Flume - Klees. J.L. McKinnis Planing Mill. Old Fort site in background."
"Cherry Fair cherry display - circa 1914. Sign reads: 'Grown by G.W. Thomas - Cove, Or. - Bing - 8x8 - Phot: Stearns and Fellbaum.'"
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