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"1959-60 'Old King Cole' - Drama"
"1959-60 'Old King Cole' - Drama"
"King Neptune's certificate of crossing the equator - Sgt. Frederick H. Hill Aboard the USS General John Pope en route to New Guinea from New Port News Virginia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Loyal Order of the Deep. The ceremony of 'crossing the line'…
"4th Annual Cherry Fair - 1914"
"Level of the two Main Tunnels - Nevada King group of mines - Sumpter, Oregon area - circa 1901-1903"
"Oregon King Mines and Tunnel - Sumpter Gold Fields - June 24, 1902"
"California Mill and Mines - Cable Cove mining district [Baker County] - circa 1901-1903." Locations for the following are written on the photograph: "Oregon King, California Mill, Herculean, Standard, Black Dwarf, The Miner, California Mines Tunnel…
"Mining camp, Baker County Oregon (Nevada King Group?)"
"Summerville, Oregon from the north end across a creek, circa 1910. Summerville Electric Flume - Klees. J.L. McKinnis Planing Mill. Old Fort site in background."
"Eden S.S. [Sunday School?] 1911-12"
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