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"4/22/1983 - Math & Science Teachers Conference" - ten images .012-.014 - Carolina Biological Supply Company table: [Assuming from business card:] Richard Witten (left), Ken Baxter (right). [Attached business card reads: "Carolina Biological Supply…

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Five images of a young man helping a young woman choose a pair of shoes at shoe sale.

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Five images of two young women shopping a shoe display for open-toed, women's sandals.

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"1989" Eight images taken during an Open House with displays set up in Hoke Hall. .008 - Dave Gilbert (left).

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"1988 - Ed Morgan [wearing striped necktie]" Five images of Principal Ed Morgan giving guests a tour of a natural history room in Ackerman Elementary School.

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"11/1983" Four images taken in Hoke Hall of students looking at tables and displays set up to promote various campus programs.

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"May 1982 - American Society of Forestry" Seven images: Six of people looking at various forestry displays and interactive exhibits, including a forest fire simulator, and one picture taken at lunchtime.

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"December 2 & 3, 1980 - Career Awareness Day - Hoke Center" - twenty images .011 - Betty Bohnenkamp (left), [appears to be:] Jan Lingous Sproul (right). .015 - Betty Bohnenkamp (closest). .016 - [Appears to be:] Jan Lingous Sproul (profile). .018 -…

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"March 31, 1980 - Rodney Briggs [left] and Kathy Ferguson [right]"
EOSC president, Rodney Briggs poses mid-handshake with bookstore manager, Kathy Ferguson.

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"February 6, 1979 - OSU Experimental Station, Union"
Various grass samples in a "Range and Forest" display hang on the wall at the Experimental Station.

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