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"1949" An entire vehicle has been covered in evergreen branches. The banner on the side of the float reads, "Know Eastern Oregon." There are two young men riding up top, and one riding on the back. The float is passing in front of the Granada theater…

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"1953-54 Band" The EOCE Marching band marches down Adams Ave in La Grande, OR. There are two baton twirlers and a drum major right up front. Local businesses like, Sprouse-Reitz, J.C. Penney Company and the Granada theater are visible in the…

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"1953-54 Band" The marching band in full uniform, performs in a parade on Adams Ave. in downtown La Grande, Or. There are baton twirlers out in front, and many people watch from both sides of the street. Local area businesses like, Westinghouse…

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"April 1972 - Downtown La Grande" - twelve images .001 - Sandy's & McGlasson's. .002 - US Bank. .003 - J. C. Penney Co. & The Granada Theater. ("Sometimes a Great Notion" playing with actors, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.) .004 - Ann Johnson's Quality…

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"August 1976 - experimental shots"
Cars are driven along Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. Banks, stores, and restaurants line the sides of the road, including U.S. Bank, First National Bank, Chuck Wagon, True Value Hardware, Mr. Glasson's, and…

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"October 1980" Three images of clowns cavorting in the homecoming parade and with audience members along the route.

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"October 1980" Three images of the La Grande and EOSC dignitaries being introduced and then riding in an open convertible in the homecoming parade. 80097 .010 - Ed Forshee (driving), EOSC Student Council President Jan Lingous Sproul (front seat, not…

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"October 1980" Three images of the German Club wearing costumes and folk dancing in the homecoming parade.

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"October 1980" Five images from the homecoming parade. .001 - Homecoming royalty float. .002 - Basketall promotional with what appears to be the cheerleaders. There are four of them sitting on the corners of the car while holding balloons. .003 -…

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"October 1980" Five images of three young women riding horses and bearing flags while leading the homecoming parade procession.

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