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"November 1990 - Men's Basketball" Head coach, Howard Gauthier is standing in the back row at the left end. From left to right: Front row: #21 - Marcel Cole (2nd), #42 - Brant Mayo (3rd).
"1992 - Football: Bonners Ferry [Idaho] players" #43 and Fred Thompson, #42. [Per information received from David Downs on 2012-03-20: "Player on the right is Fred Thompson."]
"October 28, 1980" This is an informal portrait of an unidentified Eastern basketball player, #42. He is wearing his uniform.
"1965-66 Mounties - Oregon Collegiate Conference Champions - Row 1: Gerry Galbraith, Butch Watson, Dave Smith, Fred Langley, Bob McMillan, Ron Smith. Row 2: Charlie Chapman, Randy Dolven, Rich Mikel, Murf Karns, Craig Humphrey, Coach Bob Quinn."…
An Eastern basketball player, #42, is up in the air attempting to shoot a basket from the direct side of the backboard while being heavily guarded by an opposing team member. A referee is standing back under the basket out of bounds.
"Eastern" basketball player, #42 - Mike Klowpe, is up in the air attempting to shoot a basket while an opposing team member tries to block the shot. Spectators are visible in the lower stands in the background.
"September 25, 1980" Volleyball players practice together with #15 setting up the ball, and #42 ready to come in for the assist..
"September 1980 - Football - John Connelly [or Connolley, or Connalley], #42"
"Eastern" Oregon football player, #42 runs with the ball as an an opposing team member attempts to tackle him.
"September 25, 1980" Wearing their uniforms, the women's volleyball team poses together in two rows with the back row standing and the front row kneeling. From left to right: Front row: #14, #42, #30, #11, #32, #10. Back row: #15, #31, #35, #34 #45 -…
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