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  • Collection: Fred Hill Historical Photographs
"Original Home of Simon Miller - home in which Herbert, Ehrman, Eleanor & Harold were born"
"Union High School Cheer Leaders"
"Union Concert Band - Walter Reuter in 5th position"

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"Union Flouring Mill Co. - Union, Oregon - Where Snow White and Gilt Edge Flour are made"
"Sam Benson Meat Mkt. - Brick Bldg. - center of block across from Post office"
"Union - 1877 Building - Corner Main & Beakman"
"W.J. Townley Store - also called the Townley-Gale Store - Ed Cline on left - Union - in base of Masonic Bldg. - now (2000) Post office"
"Bare Hardware building when it was a bar - Union"

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