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"Native homes - on stilts over the water"
"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn enlisted men washing their mess kits - Coleman immersion heaters kept water Very Hot in clean metal garbage cans" Mess Hall in background.
"Native homes on stilts over water. Ship moving 17th Sqdn and others - to Biak - layed over several days at Hollandia. Fred Hill went ashore with Merch. Marine pig boat"
"Humbolt Bay Local Homes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Native Homes, Humboldt Bay. Hill and two other Photo Section men persuaded an officer on the Russell Sage that they needed to document 'squadron history.' Accepting this ruse, the captain allowed…
"Native home and outrigger in Harbor at Hollandia"
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida - Fort - 1943"
"Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation - During the 40th & 41st Division (Red & Blue) war exercises. Lister bag for water Purification"
"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis"
"La Grande Water Works Pumps"
"Plaque - La Grande Water Works - Landis Artesian Wells - Constructed 1925-1926 Well No. 1 - Depth: 1,035 Feet - Flow: 500 Gals. Per Min. - Pressure: 41 Lbs. Well No. 2 - Depth: 1,391 Feet - Flow: 1,335 Gals. Per Min. - Pressure: 41 Lbs."
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