1917 Wallowa County, Flag


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1917 Wallowa County, Flag


Bunch, Amos
Bunch, Philip
Davis, James A.
Harsin, Fred A.
Harsin, James Arthur
Johnson, Jack (John William)


On paper with photo: "A Flag Raising took place at the Jack Johnson horse ranch near The Buttes in Wallowa County on July 4 1917. The flag, 8 x 10 feet, was hoisted on a 65-foot pole. Johnson, however, deemed the flag too small and traded it for the largest size he could obtain, 10 x 15 feet. Left to right with the flag are Jack Johnson, Philip Bunch, James Arthur Harsin, Fred A. Harsin, Amos Bunch, and James A. Davis. Photographer was Clyde Harsin. Jack (John William) Johnson and Jack Keeley were the first settlers on the Imnaha. They were hunters and trappers and naturally were dubbed "the two Jacks." They were both bachelors but later Mr. Johnson married Florence Mary Findley, daughter of A.B. Findley, another early settler. Mrs. Johnson and her mother, Mrs. Findley, were the oldest white settlers (women) in the Wallowa valley. The Findleys homesteaded at The Buttes which, for years, were called 'Findley Buttes,' after coming from Summerville where they had arrived in 1865. The Johnsons were married on February 4, 1884 and settled on Sheep Creek. Johnson, who came to the valley in 1878, experimented with raising sugar cane and at one time had the largest Morgan horse ranch in the United States. He served as a scout under Gen. O. O. Howard in the Bannock War. He was the first member initiated into the Masonic lodge at Joseph." Written on back: Same info as paper, but less detailed. Also, "Chieftan 8-22-11, Henderson, Eagle"


Harsin, Clyde




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