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"Foreign Students" Four young men of different nationalities play volleyball at a net set up in one of the grassy fields on campus.
"September 1991 - Volleyball: Cassie Miller, #11"
Wearing an EOSC volleyball team uniform and kneepads, a young woman gets ready to return the ball. Her teammate rushes from behind to help her. In the background, fans watch from the gymnasium bleachers.
"September 1991 - Volleyball Team" Those who have been identified are from left to right: Standing: Geigy Jacobs (1st, Assistant coach), Colleen Colles (4th, Head coach). In the tree: Annette Archer (2nd), Becky Aldred (6th), Cassie Miller (8th).
"September 1991 - Volleyball: Annette Archer, #2"
"September 25, 1980" Volleyball players practice together with #15 setting up the ball, and #42 ready to come in for the assist..
"September 25, 1980" Wearing their uniforms, two women's volleyball team members, #35 - Patricia Troy, and #11, pose together with their arms around one another.
"Gold and Blue Volleyball - Pam Walker [left], Kelly Preston [right], Kathy Wilson [bottom]." [The team photo that this image was cropped from appears in the 1971 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 152.]
"1992" EOSC women's volleyball game against the College of Idaho, "Yotes" from the College of Idaho located in Caldwell, Idaho.
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