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"Semi-permanant Market shelters at Binmaley - A fresh fruit sales (bananas) being made"
"Permanant sales buildings in the Market area of Binmaley - near the river. Shoes - hats - fresh fruits - etc. (Catering to Filipino customers)"
"Wooden shoes booth at Binmaley Luzon"
"Fish vendor making a sale at the open market place in Binmaley"
"Cooked food vendor in the market at Binmaley Luzon"
"Fruit (mangoes, bananas, etc) seller at the open market at Binmaley. - Not the peddlers who went through military camps -"
"Fresh meat salesmen - Dagupan" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fresh Cutlets. Cockfights attract large crowds. Here, a mix of Filipinos and American soldiers watch as Hill photographs two Dulag vendors hawking their load of freshly butchered carabao meat…
"Farmer with stick over his shoulder with a burlap bag on each end. Among the carts at Market day (Thursdays) in the near by town of Dagupan Luzon"
"Sales people who have neither booth nor cart - at market day (Thursdays) at Dagupan Luzon"
"Salesmen (without booths) at the weekly (Thursdays) open market at Dagupan - central Luzon - a few miles from Binmaley"
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