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"Traffic at bridge at Binmaley"
"Raft - ferry across Alba River - Luzon"
"Poled raft ferry across Alba River - Northern Luzon"
"A 'Calesio' horse drawn 2 wheel cart in area of Binmaley"
"Calesio (horse-drawn passenger cart) exiting the bridge across the river at Binmaley" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Caretilla Passing. Hill saw these two-wheel horse-drawn vehicles, which were used primarily for passengers, throughout the Lingayen…
"Farmer with stick over his shoulder with a burlap bag on each end. Among the carts at Market day (Thursdays) in the near by town of Dagupan Luzon"
"No. 11 Snake River Bridge - Nyssa, Ore. - On the Old Oregon Trail"
"Wall decoration - not a calendar" "Compliments of Button Alexander, Dealer in Confectionery, Tobacco and Cigars, Cove, Oregon
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