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"December 4, 1982 - Foundation Annual Meeting - Russ Picton [at podium], U of O Foundation at EOSC" - six images .010 - Jack Schut (standing), Dave Gilbert (next to Schut, sitting).
"December 4, 1982 - Russ Picton, U of O Foundation at EOSC (right)
"4/16/1982 - Earely Musick Pleyers, University of Oregon - Festival of Fine Arts, April 11-18, 1982" - twelve images
"Art and Architecture Exhibit - An example of art in commercial settings is this 8' square adzed screen of a sun figure, created by the noted Indian artist Lelooska and his brother Tsungani for International Paper Company's Western Operations Office…
"December 4, 1982 - Russ Picton, U of O Foundation at EOSC (right)
"1953 Summer Session" A large group of women work on various projects at long tables. They are wearing early 1950's style dresses and have accompanying hairstyles. They appear to be faculty, or at least older than college students of the times.
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