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"4/16/1982 - Earely Musick Pleyers, University of Oregon - Festival of Fine Arts, April 11-18, 1982" - twelve images
Eastern Oregon football player, #11, is looking to pass the ball to one of his receivers while his teammates block for him.
This is an informal, outdoor, portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, #30. He is standing out on the sideline of the field, and he is holding his helmet against his hip with his right arm. He has a mustache and beard. In the background, player…
"Jaime Angely" This is an informal, action shot portrait of Eastern football player, Jaime Angely. He is wearing his uniform, and he's crouching down as if he were on the scrimmage line.
Wearing a dark colored uniform, "Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #31 is up in the air in mid-motion on his way to making a basket.
Wearing a dark colored uniform, and eyeglasses, this "Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #11 attempts a jump shot. The bleachers in the background are empty.
"1992 - Tom Simi, Jeff Church" Eastern football players, Tom Simi and Jeff Church are quite intimidating as they block an opposing team member.
"1992 - Scott Minor" Eastern players clash with the opposing team as they try to tackle the man with the football.
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