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"November 1978 - New furniture"
"December 1978 - Ted Brown's Social Studies Methods class"
Professor Brown (standing) films a discussion panel during his class.
"April 21, 1981 - ARC [Academic Resource Center?] use NSE [National Student Exchange?]" Two images (03 and 04)
"10/13/1981" An image of a gentleman is standing next to a television set at the head of a room in Hoke Hall. He appears to be conducting a meeting with the other gentleman in the room.

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"10/26/1982" Three images of a guest speaker.

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"2/1985" Three images of what appears to be a seminar for faculty and staff.
"3/1985" An image of basketball coach, Dick Satterlee watching recorded games.
"4/1985" An image taken in an observation room for a Child Psychology class.
"5/1985" Eight images of students enjoying some free time in one of the campus recreation rooms.
"10/1986" Four images of an unidentified faculty member instructing adults during a campus workshop.


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