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Spectators line both sides of the main dirt road in Elgin, Oregon to watch a parade.
"Elgin, Home of Wade Seed Co. Inc. Wholesale & Retail Processing - Peas, Grain, Alfalfa, Clover, Pasture Mixes"
"New Orleans" Sign on house: "Mrs. E. Bowden Midwife"
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida" A sign on the wall of a building reads: "Prince Murat House. Built in 1790. Home of Napolean Achille Murat, Prince of Two Sicilies. Son of King of Naples. Nephew of Napolean Bonapart. Princess Murat was…
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida" A sign on the building reads: "Reproductin of Old Spanish Kitchen. Fireplace is of coquina taken from kitchen on this property. _______ by ___ Francisco Joseph Aquilar before 1763. Genuine Spanish utensils."
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida" Sign in photo: "Good Picture Subject"
"Early Atabrine Sign" Sign reads: "Its FREE - Take Atabrine" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Atabrine Girls. As Hill tells Martha, Atabrine protects against the sterilizing effect of 105 degree malaria fever. 'Very bitter,' he tells her, 'But not hard to…
"Medic's signs reminding men to take Atabrine - Anti-Malaria pills - 'Remember this?" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Remember This. Signs by the 263rd Medical Battalion urged all soldiers to faithfully take Atabrine, the bitter yellow anti-malaria pill.…
"Sgt Fred Hill by Photo Section Sign on Biak, Dutch New Guinea"
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