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"November 1980" A series of images from what appears to be an instructional seminar. A slide projector has been set up, and an instructor at the head of the classroom is referring to a textbook that she is holding up.
"5/18/1981" Six images taken during what appears to be an adult education seminar on "Humanity."
"12/16/1981" Ten images taken at a very full Personnel Management seminar.
"8/12/1982" Seventeen images of an instructional seminar in the Hoke Hall conference room with a number of Eastern faculty in attendance.

From left to right: Dick Hiatt (2nd), Werner Bruecher (4th).
"12/1983 - Foundation Seminar"

Glen Bates (standing), Jim Lundy (this side of Bates, back to camera).
"January 1984 - EOSC Grants Seminar"

From left to right: Jerry Young (1st), David Rothgerry (4th).
"January 1984 - Economics Seminar"

John Jambura (standing, right).
"4/1984" Three images of what appears to be a seminar of some sort.
"May 1984" Two images of what appears to be a seminar with an unidentified gentleman speaking to a group of people.
"October 1984 - Teachers Seminar"
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