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"April 1st & 2nd, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A student relaxes at one of the picnic tables on the outdoor patio of Hoke Hall. Ackerman Hall (left) and Hunt Hall (middle of image) are visible in the background.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
Three young men relax in the sunshine on the grass lawn near the campus bell.
"October 9, 1978 - Fall campus scenes"
Students enjoy the nice wearther, relax, and talk while laying on the grass near Hunt Hall.
"April 1979" Students laying out in the grass.

"April 1979" Two students sitting outside.

"April 1979" Two students sitting outside.

"April 1979" Two students sitting outside.
"May 1979 - Outdoor scenes"
Students sit together on the grass, with Mt. Emily in the background.
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