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"October 12, 1977 - Pyranometer readings of Oct. 12 eclipse"
"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project"
As part of the project, the pyranometer has been set up on the roof of Badgley Hall where it is collecting solar energy data. In the background, the old facilities building, and further back, Dorion Hall, are both…
"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project - Physics Professor, Donald Schnitzler (left) and pre-dentistry student, Douglas Whittet (right) check calibrations on the pyranometer, stationed on the science building roof."
"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project - Willie Rotich (left) and Doug Krieger (right) run a test on the pyranometer. The instrument is sensitive enough to detect the light reflected off them." In the background, Mt. Emily is visible.
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