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"11/1983" Twelve images of students giving papers to several staff members who are working at a block of computers. This appears to be a room for receiving test results.

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"7/26/1981 - Computer Center Open House" - thirteen images 81067 .001-.002 - From left to right: Paul Stephas, Dave Gilbert, Dick Hermens. .003-.004 - From left to right: Howard Bailey, Bob Rutherford, Betty Bohnenkamp. .005 - Standing: Bob…

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"November 1978 - Computer Center"

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"February 18, 1978 - Open House"
During the Open House, a student demonstrates how to generate data on a TEKTRONIX computer.

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"December 1977"
Two students discuss data that was generated in the Computer Center.

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"December 1977 - Psych Lab"
A student runs an experiment in the Psych Lab utilizing a pigeon in a box.

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"October 12, 1977 - Pyranometer readings of Oct. 12 eclipse"

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"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project"
As part of the project, the pyranometer has been set up on the roof of Badgley Hall where it is collecting solar energy data. In the background, the old facilities building, and further back, Dorion Hall, are both…

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"Paul Stephas & visitor from an Oregon State agency for energy resources - during Gov. Tom McCall's days. Can't remember his name. Discussing solar energy data."

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"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project - Paul Stephas [left], Physics - Tom Rigney [right]" The two men work together on solar data that has been collected for the project.

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