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"1989" Two images of employees painting Eastern Mountaineers with an updated look on a wall in one of the gymnasiums in Quinn Coliseum.
"1989 - Loso Hall" Two images of workers making use of ladders and platforms to reach areas where siding needs to be placed during the construction of Loso Hall.
This is a constructed photo collage made out of a number of separate photographs. The background consists of outdoors bleachers, which are filled to capacity with spectators. Above the crowd, up on a platform, there is also a filming camera mounted…
"December 1979 - Alcohol Fuels Plant" Wearing coveralls and boots, a plant worker is talking with a gentleman from the tour group, who appears to be Jack Schut. They are standing next to a platform and various pipes and equipment.
"December 1979 - Alcohol Fuels Plant" Storage tanks and large pipes inside the plant.
"Dismantling the Finch. Camp of the 17th Recon Sqdn"
"17th tactical Recon Sqdn's electric generator - a 5,000 watt onan unit for lights in men's hall, orderly room, and every tent"
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